Technical Development and Build

Special attention has been taken to create a super fair and symmetric boat. Focusing on the parameters which over many years have proven to be critical in a fast Finn hull shape.
The moulds created are of fantastic standard ensuring all boats are fair and consistent in shape and cosmetic quality.

The Finn is proven to be very sensitive to laminate specification and close attention has been paid to this to create a boat with ideal flexibility for the unstayed rig. Tim has had many years of Finn building experience and so designed a great laminate to ensure maximum boat speed.

The most obviously noticeable features are the low drag foredeck and a deeper internal breakwater to prevent water coming in to the boat in event of capsize.

Petticrows Finn Deign and Plug Manufacture...

a brief resume

The critical alignment of rudder, centreboard and mast has had special attention and our experience in the build process means that these are perfect on all boats out of the box,

Petticrows pride themselves on a high standard of workmanship and every aspect of the boat is carefully thought out and engineered. The centreboard for example is made for high grade stress relieved tooling grade aluminium which after CNC milling is assured to be completely flat (cheaper grade aluminium often twists after cutting).

Each boat carefully measured to optimise its racing potential.
We are now getting great feedback from the new owners, showing excellent boats speed throughout the full range of conditions.