Privacy Notice & GDPR Compliance



This notice outlines the measures taken by Petticrows, Lda to safeguard personal data held on individuals and the processes which will be followed in relation to the maintenance and handling of personal data.

Privacy Statement

Petticrows, Lda. is committed to protecting any and all personal data which it has collected (both past and future). Petticrows, Lda. will never share personal data with any third party other than where required to by law or where required in order to provide the goods and services ordered by a customer; for example, address details will be passed to a courier in order to facilitate the shipping of materials requested by a customer. 

Petticrows, Lda. holds only personal data which is necessary to supply and support the products and services which have been quoted or provided by us to the end users who have requested them. A typical example of the information held by Petticrows, Lda. would be:
– Name
– Address
– Phone Number E-Mail Address
– Boat Name 

Any individual has the right to View / amend / correct the data held on them at any time. They may also request that their data is deleted from our systems. 

Petticrows, Lda. will action such modification / deletion requests within 3 working days of receipt, except in the case that the deletion or modification contravenes other legislation, which requires Petticrows, Lda. to hold the data. Any request to view / modify / delete personal data should be made to 

Data Collection

Petticrows, Lda. collects personal data via the following methods:
– Phone calls from customers and potential customers
– Incoming e-mails
– Contacts made at trade shows and exhibitions
– Walk-in customers to our offices
– Website orders and registrations

In all of cases mentioned above, it will be assumed that unless otherwise stated by the customer that Petticrows may store this data and use only in appropriate circumstances.


Petticrows, Lda. may use various methods of contact with individuals, including:
– Phone
– E-mail
– Post 

Petticrows, Lda. do not engage in cold calling and only send marketing materials via e-mail. All individuals can opt in or out of marketing communications at any time. 

In the event of warranty / recall situations, Petticrows, Lda. will send out bulletins via e-mail, even to those who have opted out of marketing e-mails, as there may be safety related concerns. 

Methods of Data Protection 

All personal data is held within the networks of Petticrows, Lda., which is configured and secured according to IT best practices:
– Password protected network access
– Anti-virus
– Firewalls 

Access to Personal Data 

Access to personal data held by Petticrows, Lda. is restricted to current employees only and is only used to conduct our usual business of supplying and servicing make or distributed by Petticrows, Lda. 

Data Retention 

Petticrows are required by law to hold transactional data for 7 years.
Other legitimate personal data will be held for what is deemed a reasonable length of time considering the nature of our business. Customers may request that personal be removed by contacting 

Data Breach / Loss of Data 

In the event that Petticrows, Lda. has a data breach or loses personal data, it will notify the office of the information commissioner within 3 working days of the event and all affected individuals as soon as possible after the event. Petticrows will detail the type of information and when it was lost. Remedial action will be taken to identify how the data was lost and prevent future losses. 

Changes in Notice 

This notice is subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Petticrows, Lda.

Contact Information 

For any queries or issues relating to privacy and data protection at Petticrows please use the following contact details: Petticrows, Lda., Centro Empresarial Sintra Estoril III, Rua de Pé de Mouro, nº 33, Armazém B – Linhó, 2710-335 Sintra, +351 219 233 147,