Prices listed do not include VAT
VAT at 23% may be added depending on purchasers location and VAT status.
.BOW-FIT €136.00 Stainless steel bow fittings (with or without fairlead)
.BRONZE-NUT €46.00 Bronze rigging nut
.BRONZE-WASH €32.00 Bronze rigging washer
.BUSH+NUT €30.00 Stainless steel deck bush
.DECK-SWIV-ROPE €68.00 Swivel for runner/backstay through deck – suitable for rope or wire
.DECK-SWIV-ALU €42.00 Aluminium through deck fitting for runner/backstay (must specify which)
.DRAINPLUG €19.40 Spare drain plug, current design with slotted head
.DRAINPLUG-A €52.00 Drain plug, complete with fitting to mount to hull
.DRAIN-PLUG-KEY €19.40 Spare drain plug, old design (pre 1991 approx) with allen key head
.FAIRLEAD-CUST €98.00 Custom made pair of genoa fairleads. does not include cleats
.FURLER-1PULL €522.00 1 pull genoa furling kit
.FURLING-COVER €71.00 Stainless steel cover plate for furling gear plastic plate
FIT016.N €110.00 Plastic plate with bearing for furling tube & plastic furler bearing
.FURLING-GRP €22.80 Plastic furler bearing
.FURLING-TUBE €147.00 Furling tube 215mm long
.GENOA-FTL €81.00 Genoa fine tune lever. please specify port or starboard
.HA3086 €8.20 Replacement sheave for hood sheave
.HATCHLOCK €8.90 Expanding rubber lock to secure hatch
.HATCHLOCK HEAVY €17.20 Metal version of hatch lock for high buoyancy boats
.HINGE €7.00 Stainless steel half back hinge
.HKN 302 €45.00 Harken 302 through bulkhead runner blocks
.HKN 304 €58.00 Harken 304 under deck backstay block
.HKN 308 €88.00 Harken 308 underdeck runner blocks
.HKN142 €138.00 Double curved mainsheet track
.HKN144 €144.00 Swivel base for mainsheet
.HKN2745 €522.00 Windward sheeting car
.HOOD-SHEAVE €70.00 Stainless steel through deck fitting for spinnaker sheave
.WINCHLESS-CONVERT €2,777.00 Winchless genoa sheeting conversion kit
.QUICKRELEASE-GEN €3,008.00 Quick release genoa kit
.MAST-RAM-CG €77.00 Stainless steel cage for mast ram lever or genoa fine tune lever
.ROPE-GUIDE €17.20 Stainless steel rope guide
.SPIROLLER €104.00 Spinnaker chute roller bearing kit
.STERN-FIT €118.00 Stainless steel transom protection plates please specify port or starboard. with/without fairlead
.SEAT-SUP €18.70 Black plastic cover plate for seat support tubes
.TILLR-X €48.00 Dragon tiller extension aluminium
.TILLR-X-CARBON €87.00 Dragon tiller extension carbon
.U-BOLT €11.70 Watertight u bolt
.CHUTE-TRACK €147.00 Aluminium frame for spinnaker hatch. silver.
.ENSIGN-SOCK €50.00 Stainless steel socket for ensign pole.
FIT006 €17.90 Folding pad eye

Dragon Parts

Petticrows Dragons have many serviceable parts and accessories, a selection of the most common parts are listed using the buttons on the left of the page.

We would be pleased to supply you but due to the huge variety of items and destinations we need to give you a bespoke quotation including delivery for items required.

Prices listed do not include VAT
VAT at 23% may be added depending on purchasers location and VAT status.

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Ordering Process

  1. Find the items you require, if you want items that are not listed then please just ask we probably have them.
  2. Please e-mail with the following information: Name | Delivery address including any zip code | Phone number | Items required | Make and age of Dragon or ISAF/build number of boat (this is because different aged boats have different specification of spares) | Is it urgent? (This is so we can choose the most appropriate method of despatch, or may also be appropriate for us to take an item to an upcoming regatta for collection there)
  3. Petticrows will e-mail you with a quotation for your approval.
  4. On approval we will e-mail an invoice including a secure credit card payment facility. Payment can also be made by bank transfer if preferred.
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