Petticrows Evolution Mast (eMast)

The result of several years of development, the Mast exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and performance.

Key Features

  • Front weld taper at the tip of the mast ensures a smooth bend throughout its length. This process is technically challenging as the aluminium selected needs heat treating (tempering) after the tapering/machining process is completed.
  • Available in two stiffnesses:
    – Standard (eMast)
    – Stiff (eMast+)
  • Both sections have the same external dimensions, but the eMast+ has a slightly thicker wall section, making it overall stiffer.
  • Modernized with a new range of light and low drag fittings designed for easy servicing.
  • Choice of boom to mast connection:
    – Traditional non-rotating boom to mast connection
    – Rotating boom to mast connection (decreases the forces on the mast)
  • Compatible with hydraulic boom lift or fixed style boom lift.

Early Notable Achievements

  • 2018 Helsinki Gold Cup: Jurgen Schoenherr won overall using the standard eMast.
  • 2018 Helsinki Gold Cup: Provezza Team won three consecutive races using the standard eMast.
  • 2019 Worlds Fremantle:
    – Provezza Team won overall using an eMast+ section.
    – Klaus Diederichs finished 3rd using a standard eMast.
    – Peter Gilmour finished 4th using an eMast+.

eMast or eMast+ sections are now standard on all new boats.

eMast Guide

Download a detailed eMast guide

Mast Styles

Download a detailed guide to spar identification