Dragon Class Information

The Dragon was designed by Johan Anker from Norway in 1929. First public printings of the Dragon were at that time called the “Anker’s suggestion” from Seglarbladet, 25 December 1928

It is one of the Worlds most popular keelboats; there are Dragon Fleets the World over.
Between 1948 and 1972 the Dragon class was raced in the Olympic Games.

The early boats were constructed of wood but during the early 1970s glass fibre boats were developed. The controlled development of the class has lead to a classic yet modern keelboat.

In October 2004, the Class celebrated its 75th Anniversary; Dragon sailors from 36 Nations took part in the event. Including the Class President, HM King Constantine of Greece, the Class Vice-President, HRH The Prince Consort of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, HM King Carl Gustav of Sweden, HRH Prince Albert of Monaco, Dr. Jaques Rogge, International Olympic Committee President and three time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts and many other Olympic medal winners.
Dragon racing takes place all over Europe throughout the year, and in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

Plenty of information regarding the class, its various regattas and championships is available via the International Dragon Class Association website https://internationaldragonsailing.net/