Petticrows Finns

Petticrows are delighted to say that Finn production commenced in 2015.

The Finn dinghy perfectly complements the range of production boats that we make.

Petticrows began building Finns due to the lifelong Finn sailing passion of Tim Tavinor the company director.

Tim was a regular member of the British Finn team in the 80s and 90s and together with Luca Devoti founded Devoti Sailing in the 1990s.

Tim had a 10 year break from Finn sailing and building when he took over Petticrows and concentrated on building the highly successful Petticrows Dragon. During this period he has won the Dragon World Championship and the Gold Cup.

Over the last 10 years many sailors have asked Tim if he would build them a Finn due to his experience and understanding of how to make a fast boat. In 2014 Tim decided he would start Finn production and set about researching and designing the new Petticrows Finn.

After many hours of design work including photogrammetric studies of existing Finns, a digital design was settled on. A CNC machined plug was created and from this a superb new mould.

The brief was to build an excellent all round boat, giving reliable boat speed in all conditions.  Boats with extreme design can be very quick over a limited wind range but also very slow in other conditions – we wanted to avoid this, because as all sailors know the wind can be very unpredictable!

In our short time of building we have achieved success with Giles Scott winning the 2015 ISAF event in Weymouth, Martin Van Muyden winning some Dutch events.

The one and only Howard Sellars also won the Legend category at the 2016 masters Championship.