The Return of Petticrows “Teak on Glass” Dragon

The Petticrows “Teak on glass” Dragon combines the beauty of a wooden deck with the practicality of a GRP boat.

Unlike a wooden decked boat they require minimal maintenance and are a great solution for sailors who love the traditional look of the Dragon.

The hull and deck are GRP but during construction we create a small recess in the deck to allow a teak veneer deck to be laid in the recess. We carefully calculate the construction so that the boat weight and weight distribution fall within the usual parameters for a racing Dragon.

We currently have two “Teak on Glass” boats under construction. These are the latest GRP v6.1 version of hull and internal and will have the usual racing fit out including the Evolution rig. The boat pictured now has the teak deck laid and is being fitted out, it will soon be going to Germany.