Back To The Future

Today felt like the first step back to some type of normality with the handover of a new V6.1 Dragon to Benedikt Gaech.

Benedikt was the winner of the big  90th anniversary race in San Remo last year and celebrated by placing an order for his new Dragon at that regatta. Hopefully soon he will even be able to use it !
Benedikt’s boat was completed at the start of the Corona Virus problem earlier this year. He is the first Dragon Customer to visit the yard since late March.

Handover took place respecting all recommended health precautions and we were even lucky to have a beautiful sunny day to help us celebrate.

During this traumatic period, working life at Petticrows has managed to continue. Early in the developing problem we were forced to close for a short time but after implementing new safe working practices we have been able to continue. Not at a 100% pace but far better to be safe than sorry.

We have several new V6.1 and also some used Dragons all packed and waiting to be collected.
Next visitor we will see is Vincent Hoesch collecting his new boat next week plus some spare masts, along with other equipment for sale from his Bavarian base.

Vinnie’s previous boat, last year was called BBBB as a continuation of his “Billy Boy” theme of boat names. That one was “Billy Boy Brexit Buster” as it was taken out of the UK by him one day before one of the many Brexit deadline dates.

I understand this new Dragon is to be called BBVB. ”Billy Boy Virus Buster!”
Let’s hope his next Dragon does not have such a stressful contribution to its name.