Petticrows lead the field with new, retro-fit kit for mast Dragon owners to take action to comply with new Dragon class rule change

Petticrows have developed a conversion kit to comply with a rule change implemented at the International Dragon Association (IDA) Annual General Meeting in November 2015.

The rule change (rule 6.103), to restrict movement in the mast at deck level, means that owners of all Dragons (boats certified before 1 March, 2015) and that are used for racing, need to comply when the rule comes into force on 1 March, 2016, by fitting a permanent mast chock. The only boats that are already compliant are those built after 1 March, 2015.

To make the change process as quick and fuss-free as possible, British Dragon builder – Petticrows – has come up with a streamlined, simple-to-fit conversion kit. The Petticrows mast chock system is a permanent fixture designed to allow the mast to be stepped and unstepped without having to remove the chocks.

The kit, available to order now from Petticrows’ East coast, Burnham-on-Crouch base, is suitable for retro fitting to any Petticrows Dragon with an ‘I’ or ‘M’ section mast, and contains all the parts, fixings and comprehensive instructions needed to carry out the simple process.

In an effort to ensure all boats are compliant before the start of the season, Petticrows are keen to guarantee delivery before the Cannes Dragon Grand Prix (24-27 February, 2016).

Tim Tavinor – Petticrows Managing Director – commenting on the importance of a well-designed system, said: “We were very mindful of the potential large loads on the mast in strong wind and were concerned that simply ‘using a bolt’ could result in permanent damage to the masts if not fitted correctly. The system that we have designed to achieve compliance with the new class rules is simple to fit and use and can stay in place while the mast is stepped and unstepped.”

Price: £195 + VAT
Further details: Contact Paul Neve. Email: