What's hot for Summer 2014?

Over the winter we have been responding to requests from sailors to produce a Dragon with no spinnaker chute. After testing and refining the original ideas we have now achieved this in a simple but effective way, and are very happy with the solution now offered. The new boats can be seen at regattas.

Today the modern windward/leeward championship courses have simplified the spinnaker hoisting/dropping
procedure from the old traditional triangle courses. With a little practice the crew are finding the new hoisting and dropping procedure quick and efficient. Definitely safer for the spinnaker!

The spinnaker is now stowed on the port side under the cuddy in a bag which opens and closes during the manoeuvres. Above the bag there is a glass fibre fairing piece which helps the spinnaker slide in and out of the bag.


On the cuddy top you can see the addition of two fore and aft slots. This is the control for the pole up and pole down. This allows the pole position to be adjusted either by the crew on the foredeck or from the cockpit.

By re routing some of the systems (e.g. pole up/down on cuddy, no spinnaker hatch open etc.) we have totally removed the under cuddy cleat beam which gives a completely different look to the boats with no spinnaker chute.

We also have a new simple, light weight furling system, which works with a single pull. Some teams are now half furling the genoa in light wind tacking.


We also have developed a new mast step option that is carefully engineered to give a very accurate base for the mast and also utilises the class rule allowing 10mm fore/aft movement.

We have not neglected the spinnaker chute boat and added a new refinement of a bearing roller to assist getting the spinnaker in and out of the chute. These can be retro fitted to older boats too.

There are numerous other small changes and developments which have taken place over the last few months. Tim would be pleased to give you a guided tour of the new style boat if you see him at regattas.

Otherwise we always welcome visitors at our workshop for a guided tour. For further details and pictures please e-mail kay@petticrows.com

We are now pleased to be able offer the option of new boats with the traditional chute, or without the chute, as well as with a traveller beam or Barney post arrangement.